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About Puntino Pizzeria

The Pizza started like something that the poor people would eat in Italy. They had put some cheese and tomatoes on dough, and that is what they would eat. Today, the pizza is an international industry.
Pizza Napoletana is made with San Marzano tomatoes, which grow in the country side around the city of Naples. The cheese used in pizza Napoletana is mozzarella di bufala, and in our Pizzeria it is directly shipped from Italy.

The natural ingredients and the quality of the pizza make it light and healthy. The dough consists of salt, water, wheat flower and Neopolitan yeast and is kneaded by hand and placed in a wood-burning oven for 60-90 seconds. There are two main types of pizza Napoletana: margherita and marinara. The margherita is made with the San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala. The marinara is a cheese-less pizza, made with tomato sauce, oregano and chopped garlic.

The Secret of our pizza, that makes it so light and tasty, is the timing of levitation of our dough which is around 12 hours compared to other pizza places that have a levitation process of 3 hours causing you to have a bad digestion.

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Puntino Group always use high quality and fresh organic ingredients in all of our plates, high quality may mean (but is not limited to) a documented absence of additives and/or pesticides, the type of feed given to the animals, the care given to the animals, etc. We serves only all natural, antibiotic free chicken, as well as organic offerings, homemade pasta, organic quinoa, etc.


There is nothing like homemade pasta it’s delicious, slightly chewy, and will take your pasta taste to a new level.


Fresh is at the core of who we are. Fresh food, fresh ingredients, fresh inventions. We're proud of every single ingredient we use in our food.

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